tisdag 25 september 2007

Mission to Kilo 26 refugee camp

Street in Kilo 26, in one of the older parts of the camp
Gas station a la Sudan- I laugh everytime... Looks completely dangerous!
My first interview "victim" - a really nice lady from Eritrea
A man and his children outside one of the new tukuls (huts) constructed by UNHCR

Nirmal discussing latrines with the people living in the newly constructed area. They were discussing which types of latrines would suit them, maintenance etc.
The new area, made up of 50 tukuls made of grass
This man is pouring water into jerrycans which he then sells to the people in the camp. It's conventient since they do not have to fecth water themselves, but expensive... $25 cents for 60 litres (usually what a family of 4 uses - that's 15 litres per person and day). Try and calculate how much water you use per day at home!
This is the only water point in the camp. Water is being pumped from the nearby canal to this tap. Water vendors then come here with their donkeys, pay money to COR (Commissioner for Refugees) who provides the water, and then fill up their two barrels. They then transport the water to the camp and sell it.
On the way to Kilo 26 - three old men with fire wood refusing to give way. On the right you can see the canal

Gas station again - a lonely pump...
Camels crossing the motor way - which is the only road between Port Sudan (Sudan's only port) and Khartoum - so it is heavily trafficed.

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Dèsirée sa...

Underbart att du uppdaterar bloggen med så mkt info och bilder hela tiden. Jag blir alldeles tagen och lycklig över bilderna. Kära Sudan...
Vilken fantastisk gas station!!!
Det är så absurt att jag inte vet vad jag ska sga. Dom säjer garanterat inge korv med bröd eller GB glass där...

Anonym sa...

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