fredag 14 september 2007

Friday = weekend

A house just outside our compound - interesting building style...
A little boy watching the sheep

Men building a new house

Now I have been in Showak for 4 days, not much! Feels like so much longer, probably because there is not much to do here... The office is closed today and tomorrow, so I am trying to keep myself busy - I went out for a walk (just near our compound) and now I am about to start cooking lunch! How exciting... :) Tomorrow we will go to the market, Tuesday and Saturday are market days so I am hoping to get bananas och potatoes.

This afternoon I will meet with my colleague in water and sanitation, Nirmal, to discuss my work plan for the coming 3 months. I hope he will have some good ideas to keep my busy! Hopefully we will visit a refugee camp next week so I can get an understanding of the situation here.

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