fredag 7 september 2007

Back in Sudan

I arrived in Khartoum early on Thursday morning. The flight from Amman was delayed, so by the time I got to the hotel it was almost 4 am… and “of course” no one came and picked me up from the airport. But, things solved themselves anyway. My first day in Khartoum was spent at UNHCR and UNMIS trying to get all necessary permits and papers. It was definitely a new experience being part of the UN here – all the extra security measures and all the security routines etc. The highlight of the day was when I almost saw Ban Ki Moon – at least I saw the convoy he was travelling in and all the military personnel surrounding it. That was interesting! It is now decided that I will go to eastern Sudan on Sunday – and I am very much looking forward to starting to work and having a place to stay at (I don’t like living out of a suitcase). And, perhaps a bit in vain, I am hoping that Showak will be a bit cooler and the scenery a bit nicer!!!

Currently I am staying at the IAS guesthouse, it is very nice and the people are so friendly. Since it is Friday today I will just be staying in and rest a bit – haven’t had that much sleep in the last few days.

Khartoum is a very noisy town – the airport is in the city so it feels like the planes are flying right pass you house at time – really loud! And then it is the prayer calls, but this time I am well prepared and have ear plugs! :)

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