måndag 17 september 2007

It's raining cats and dogs

And last night it really felt like it was raining real cats and dogs! I woke up at 1 am - heard a really loud bang on my roof. What is was I don't know, maybe a tree branch maybe one of the huge lizzards having a party... And from there it just continued and because of the corrugated iron roof the sound were really loud. Some minutes lates it started to rain, oh, pouring I mean - it was like the sky just opened up and dumped a small lake on our compound. Interesting night with not so many good hours of sleep.

Anyways, I'm ready for my oatmeal breakfast - and then we are off to Wad Sharife refugee camp!

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Jenny_Belgrad sa...

ja, kan tro det är svårt att sova då!