måndag 24 september 2007

Getting nervous

Gaaaaah! In 1 week I will start my survey and I am starting to panic! I question my questions, the method, if I will find suitable people to do the interviews, if they will understand the questionnaire, if I will be able to explain it to them etc… Most of all I am worried that the interviewers will ask the wrong questions. But, since I am now planning the work shop I will hold prior to the survey, I am hoping to teach them not to. I have not quite figured out what to talk about in the work shop, but hopefully I will sort that out in the days to come. However, it is also quite fun and challenging! I just want to start so I can have it over with sooner...! : )

On Tuesday we (me, Nirmal and Waiswa) are going to another refugee camp to visit. There I will try out my questionnaire for the first time, by myself and an interpreter. That will hopefully help me to understand which questions are good and easy to understand and which ones need rephrasing etc.

Today I had some orientation meetings with different members of the staff. I got informed about protection by the protection officer, about admin issue and about programme issues. It was a good briefing, although there are still some question marks, especially concerning admin, i.e. will I get paid for R&R, am I entitled to R&R, how much will I pay in rent etc… Well, well, we’ll see…

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