tisdag 2 oktober 2007

Workshop starts today!

The canal which supplies Kilo 26 with water

The clinic in Kilo 26

The clinic's laboratory

The Home Vistors - know everyone in the camp! Lucky me! :)

Can you imagine giving birth here?

The clinic

The clinic again

Today I start my workshop! Yesterday we managed to find 10 people (5 women, 5 men) who claim they can read/write in English. Today we shall see if they can! :) Or at least if they can understand the questionnaire well enought to fill it in correctly. I plan to have a 2-day workshop to go through everything: how to be a good interviewer, how to do observations in the house, how to fill out the questionnaire etc.

Yesterday I managed to get household lists of all households in the camp from an NGO called Human Appeal International. They have so called "home visitors" who go around in the camp and visit everyone and check on their health. So, last night after coming back from Kilo 26 I sat and did my sample from these lists. I took out the number of households I needed from a random number table and then I just started picking out households! Some lists were all in Arabic, so I had to ask someone in the staff to show me the numbers in Arabic so that I could read the lists. I've completed 4 zones out of 6 in the camp and I hope to finish the rest this evening so that by tomorrow I can hand out the lists of households that each interviewer will visit.
I didn't sleep so well last night - woke up at 4.30 from a dream. I dreamt that I was watching Moa (my niece) and she was walking around carrying washing powder and then all of a sudden deciding she wanted to lick her fingers.... In my dream I tried to wash her mouth while at the same time asking her to spit! Hahaha, I can laugh at it now - but in the dream it was not that funny! :)
OK, I have to collect all my things and get ready: I have a flip chart, pens, pencils, note pads for everyone, lots of questionnaires, contracts I made up yesterday etc. I hope I am ready - if not I will learn until next time!

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Tittar in en snabbis och vill bara säga: "Alhamdulillah" att jag slapp föda barn på den britsen !!! /D