onsdag 3 oktober 2007

Practical training in Kilo 26!

Musa interpreting at the work shop (he is great!)
Curious kids watching us doing the survey

My "students" discussing their recent interview

A latrine shared by 4 families - no privacy what so ever. Now I understand why most women do not go to the "toilet" all day, but wait until the evening. And in Sweden we flush our toilets with drinking water! Crazy!

Shower room of one of the families we visited

Kitchen area

Hmmm, can you understand what I mean!?

Just came back from Kilo 26 where we today had our last day of training. I started by going through everyones "homework", i.e. to try the questionnaire on a neighbour etc. It was both good and bad, but overall OK. After that we had practical training. Musa (my interpreter and field assistant) took half the group to do interviews "for real" and I took the other half. It was good to see them in action. Even if they can't speak and write English all that well, at least they are good at interviewing.

Tomorrow they will start doing the interviews. Some will start at 7 and others at 8. I will just come to the camp and be available for questions and see how they are doing. Then at 2 pm we will all meet and see how the day has been. I REALLY hope they will do well! :)

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Jenny sa...

Busbra juh!! Vad roligt att det händer en massa saker !! :D Kram!