måndag 15 oktober 2007

Going to see the river

This evening me and 6 colleagues squeezed into a car and went to the river (which is in the east part of Showak). Apparently this was the place to be! Lots of people walking there and I was surprised to see boys and girls walking together, listening to music and talking. After taking a walk we went to the market where I had my first Sudanese coffee in 2 years! It's so nice! Coffee with ginger and sugar... :) It was refreshing to be somewhere else in the evening besides inside the compound and also nice to be around other people. We finished the evening by eating beans and bread at the market - everyone eating from the same plate of course!

1 kommentar:

Dèsirée sa...

Åh, så härligt med en kväll ute!
Jag fick en sån Sudan längtan när jag såg bilderna på den krackelerade flodbädden....påminde mig om alla underbara eftermiddagen vid blå nilen i KHT. Mmmm...kaffe ja! Inte allt för vanligt, men kul att du fick dig en kaffetår!