onsdag 17 oktober 2007

Back to Kilo 26

Today I could finally return to Kilo 26, the camp where I did my first survey. I was lucky enough to be able to meet one of my surveyors who had not handed in all her questionnaires - so now my total sample size will be OK (before I had 50 non-response, which is a bit too high...). I also had a meeting with a health NGO, member of the elders committee and COR. We discussed latrines and the possibility of refugees participating in the construction of a family latrine for their own household. It was a good meeting where we mostly dicussed what to do about the most vulnerable in the camp, i.e. the old, disabled, orphans and the female-headed households. They may not be physically able to help in the construction of their latrine, so we have to find a solution which will fit them as well. The current plan is that UNHCR will supply the refugees with the slab and "shed", and the refugees themselves dig the pit. We shall see what happens - it would be nice to actually see the results of all the discussions and paper work!

I also managed to complete my "GPS tour" of the camp. Now I have covered the whole camp, zones, schools, markets, hospital etc, so I can enter it into a GIS and produce a map. After finishing in Kilo 26 we drove to another camp, UmGargour where I was suppose to inspect an incinerator. I have no idea on how to do that... But I went anyway, looked at the incinerator and took some photos! :) I also had a good briefing about the camp from the COR Camp Manager.
OK, now I have to write a proposal for construction of a pipe network in another camp! Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

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Jenny sa...

Vad skönt att det löst sig med GPS och sample! Se! Allting blir till det bättre till slut :) Jag blir så avis för att du kan fixa sådana där ingenjörsgrejjer.. Jag fattar inte ett jota av sådant. Dessutom är det så svårt att föreställa sig hur det är att vara bland alla de där "hyddorna"... ah... så främmande...