söndag 28 oktober 2007

Nirmal is back - and tensions between Eritrea/Ethiopia

In reference to the text below: UNHCR here in the east have to plan for a possible influx of refugees from the two countries as a result of possible future conflict. The border to the two countries is not far from here - actually, in Wad Sharife you can see to Eritrea. So, plans are underway to prepare for how to deal with high numbers of refugees in the coming weeks. Hopefully things will stay calm though.
Today Nirmal finally came back! :) I am happy to have someone take the burden of my shoulders - although I have learned a lot and still want to be more involved in the coming weeks to help out with everything we have to do before the year is over.
Other than that not much is happening - hope to go to a camp during the week and start my next survey. I am starting to feel a bit stressed with everything I still have to do - and I want to go to Nuba as well for my R&R. Hopefully it will work out.
Oh, almost forgot - a Somali refugee came to our compound this afternoon and chained himself to our flag post... He says that no one listens to his wishes and now he has come here to protest. I wonder what will happen... Will keep you posted! He was still sitting there when I left the office just now at 7 pm.

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Dèsirée sa...

He he he...skrattade åt den somaliska mannen som kedjade sig fast vid flaggstången...(det är inte alls roligt egentligen alltså)...kanske något man bör prova för att få sin vilja igenom...Sverige kryllar av flaggstänger....

Hoppas du mår bra! Så roligt att läsa pom vad som händer och vad du får vara med om...hoppas innerligt att du kommer till Nuba. /Dèsirée