fredag 2 november 2007

Survey no 2

I have now held the workshop for the surveyors that will undertake the second survey, this time in Um Gargur refugee camp. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there, so it's a bit nearer to Showak than Kilo 26. I have to admit that this time it's not so exciting - and also I feel much more time pressure now and only want to get it over with. I decided to hire a supervisor, i.e. one of the surveyors who is well educated will be my "stand in" when I cannot be there. It is his responsibility to make sure everyone fills out the questionnaires correctly and interview the hourseholds they are supposed to. Since I will not be able to go to Um Gagur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I decided that this would be the best solution. Letting the surveyors do their work without supervision means more work for me since I have to sit and "correct" the questionnaires before entering them.
The workshop went well. COR was there as usual - and this time the sanitation supervisor of COR asked if he would also be paid. Are you kidding me!? I WILL NOT pay him for sitting there when I have not asked hime to... These people...
Today all staff are forced to come to the office because of a mission from Geneva that has come here to evaluate the office and its management. We are thrilled.... :( Taking our weekend away is not very nice. And, they have called all staff to spend the day at the office although they will not have time to interview everyone - not popular. Well, hopefully I can stay in my house most of the day since it's very near to the office in case they need me.

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