onsdag 14 november 2007

Julud - The most beautiful place in the world!

After being in Rashad I travelled to Dilling and then almost straight to Julud to spend two night with the IAS drilling team there. Julud was my absolute favourite place when I was in Nuba, so it was an absolute joy to be back and see "my" beautiful mountains again! :) Julud had grown though! Gosh! I remembered the market as very small - and now it must have doubled in size. And, I was told, everything has become much more expensive thanks to all the NGOs and UN agencies working there now...Climbing a hill in Julud

My climbing buddy Emmanuel

Soooo beautiful! I can sit at this place for hours...

View of Julud

Maria is feeling quite small

Sunset over the mountains near Tima

Curious girl I met on my morning walk in Julud

The IAS drilling team's cook at the compound

The IAS drilling team having some problems
with the rig outside Julud

2 kommentarer:

Jenny sa...

enastående vackert landskap!

Désirée sa...

ÅH, jag blir alldeles tokig av längtan när jag ser bilderna från Rashad. Det är verkligen en av de vackraste paltserna i Sudan!