torsdag 29 november 2007

Another day in Kilo 26

Staff of Human Appeal Int. (UNHCR's implementing partner concerning health care in the camp), conducting a seminar on Reproductive Health.
Hayat 1 and Hayat 2 - the sweetest and most helpful ladies, working with HAI. Hayat 2 has been helping me a lot with my sample for the qualitative interviews I am doing now. She knows EVERYONE in the camp, amazing lady!

Old man I was interviewing today. He had his leg amputated a few months back, now he lives with his children and grandchildren in a small hut. They rely a lot on their neighbours for water, either drinking from them or borrowing their donkey to fetch water. The man told me "I am so thankful to Sudan for taking care of us. All the time I have been here (since 1984) I have received food and water". It was nice to hear him say that, cause most often I am met by refugees telling me what they do not have and what they want. And by the way, I cannot walk for 50 m in the camp without being approached by someone asking me about their ration card. It is the BIG issue - WFP/UNHCR are now only giving food ration to 30% of the population - and the refugees are complaining and having a difficult time.

The old man's children and grandchildren. They offered me juice made from water and some sweet powder - and I could not decline... The water did not really look that clean, so now I am almost expecting an upset stomach... :) But, seriously, if that is the water "my" organisation is providing it to them it should be good enough for me as well...!
A sweet girl from a family in the outskirts of the camp - they have "only" been in Kilo 26 since 1990. They are managing quite well with water since they own a donkey and cart, so they can fetch cheap water themselves from the water station instead of buying water at a high price.

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Jenny sa...

herre min je! Sen 1984! Han har varit i det lägret lika länge som jag har vandrat på denna planet! Det är så sorgligt...