torsdag 23 augusti 2007

Towards new adventures

Dear English speaking friends,

On September 5 I fly to Sudan again, this time to Eastern Sudan for an internship with UNHCR. I will be working with water and sanitation issues at the Es Showak office, hopefully visiting many refugee camps and learning lots of new stuff! Since I will be attached to the UN, I am very excited for the prospect of having (what I hope to be) reliable internet access so I can keep in touch with you.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon - it is always soooo nice to hear from friends when you are far away from home and all alone...

Big hugs,


3 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Hej Maria! Kul att du är iväg, och att få följa dig på din blogg! Ser fram emot att läsa om dina äventyr... Kram Anna

Anonym sa...

Hej Maria,
just wanted to send you a big hug from Croatia. I just read the little bit that is in English, but when I get home I'll give the Swedish text a try.
Hope everything is running smoothly,

* gita * sa...

Good luck Maria! Seems very challenging. Must be a very valuable experience for you. Take care!